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Hello Beautiful Souls 🙏 My Name is Jennylee, I am 35 years of age and my business is Heaven & Earth.  My spiritual journey brought me here when I lost my mother to leukemia in 2007. Even though I always had a gift, it opened me up so much more knowing that I could still feel her around, knowing that she never left. I began to explore more and more so I studied tarot, reiki healing and crystals. It’s a learning progress of so many things that learning never ends. I have the support of my wonderful husband and my three adorable children. My mediumship and Psychic abilities awakened in 2018 and the more I explore the more messages I receive to give to loved ones. I cant explain how much I love doing what I do but know when I do work with clients it’s from my highest good, to help, share and heal . Namaste 🙏