Mala108 Beads Rudraksha & White Moonstone

Mala108 Beads Rudraksha & White Moonstone

Mala Beads with 108 Beads. Stunning to wear as a necklace or wrapped it around your wrist. Mala Beads are a sacred prayer bead, use them with any mantra you wish. When you receive your mala, cleanse with a sage stick. I will include a Polo Santo stick so that your mala can be cleansed before use. After cleansing your mala beads hold them in your right hand (your giving hand) and repeat a mantra. Either by holding your beads or feeling each and every one of your 108 beads as you go along repeating your mantra or intention that you would like to set for it. You can change this at any time when you feel that your intention has been fulfilled. Once you have set your mala's intention it is than time to wear them for 40 days to form a connection between you and your mala. If you have any further question please email me and i will try answer any questions you may have.


Namaste :)

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